A real estate lawyer can answer your questions, assist you bargain, and take care of a lot of the tiny things you might not be aware of if you’re a first-time buyer or purchasing or selling a home without the help of an agent.


1. Seek referrals from friends, relatives, and coworkers, as well as your state’s Bar Association.

2. Seek referrals from local real estate brokers.

3. Request referrals from a local realtors association.

4. Look up Attorney: Real Estate in the yellow pages.

5. Make a list of pertinent questions about your circumstance. Most lawyers will give you a free consultation over the phone if you have a straightforward question.

6. Make a list of potential attorneys and phone each one.

7. Find out how much each lawyer costs per hour and get a time estimate for the activities you need done, such as reviewing contracts, handling disclosures, and assisting with the closing.

8. Select a lawyer.


Begin with the simplest and least expensive steps an attorney can take. Sometimes all you need is a little assistance.

Many lawyers are ready to take on many projects for a set fee or retainer.

Make sure your lawyer specializes in real estate and is knowledgeable in the areas you need.

An attorney who is also a licensed real estate broker is preferred.


Because real estate agents are not attorneys, they are unable to provide legal advice.

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