If you’re in the market for a motor home or a recreational vehicle (RV), shop around to get the best buy for your recreational dollars.


  1. Determine what type of motor home suits your needs, desires and budget. Consider such factors as size, price, usage (weekend trips or extended travel), motorized vs. towed models, and space requirements.
  2. Attend an RV show to view a wide selection of motor homes. Talk to different RV dealers.
  3. Get recommendations on suggested features and models by talking to current motor home owners, such as friends and family members.
  4. Narrow your selection by viewing features of different models on RV Internet sites or by subscribing to RV magazines.
  5. Rent an RV for a weekend or a few days to “test drive” the type of motor home that you’re considering.
  6. Consider where you will store or park your motor home when you’re not using it. Check out storage costs, parking regulations and parking space availability in your neighborhood.
  7. Examine your finances and arrange for financing through an RV dealership or a lending institution.
  8. Make an offer on your final selection.


Motor homes come in all sizes, shapes and prices – so study your options to find the RV that’s right for you.


New recreational vehicles, like automobiles, depreciate rapidly during the first few years of use.

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