Why not buy a vacation property in a distant country if you enjoy being in foreign locations for extended periods of time?


1. Evaluate the cultural differences between your home nation and the foreign place you’re contemplating to see if you’d appreciate spending several weeks or months each year in another country.

2. Rent a vacation property in the selected foreign location to “test-drive” the culture and climate.

3. Contact a real estate attorney in your selected region to learn more about the legal aspects of purchasing and owning a holiday home overseas.

4. As though you were assessing the condition of a principal dwelling, tour and inspect properties for sale.

5. Talk to other vacation house owners in the region to learn about construction standards, existing home quality, rental rates, occupancy levels, and other relevant information.

6. Think about who will handle and maintain your vacation house when you are not there.


Before buying a holiday property abroad, do your homework on the market and your possibilities.


International lawyers are needed for legal procedures and contracts in other countries.

Finding a lender headquartered in the United States to finance a home outside of the country will be tough. To learn more, contact the international loan arms of significant financial institutions.

Ensure that paperwork and laws pertaining to the property are translated by someone who is fluent in both the language spoken in the area where you wish to buy and your native tongue.

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