Being in debt is an emotional experience. Learning how to deal with these emotions can make the experience more bearable and lead you to financial recovery.


  1. Acknowledge that you are in debt and have gotten in over your head.
  2. Forgive yourself and focus on repaying the debt.
  3. Examine and understand why you overspend – ensure you don’t repeat those same steps.
  4. Put together a plan for breaking the overspending habit.
  5. Avoid making the problem worse with procrastination or feelings of guilt.
  6. Share your problem with your spouse or a close friend. Let go of the shame and secrets.
  7. Get professional counseling, if needed.


  • Debtors Anonymous meetings offer support to addictive overspenders.
  • If you tend to pay credit card bills late, buy yourself a CD or small gift every time you pay the bill promptly and avoid hefty late fees.
  • Sign up for an automatic payment program with your credit card issuer to ensure that you make your minimum payment each month.


Making purchases can give you a false high that only masks underlying problems. Get help. Denial will only get you into more trouble.

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