You don’t have to double your debt when you’re raising twins. Knowing a few tricks of the trade can keep your pocketbook, if not your sanity, intact.


  1. Write down what you can afford to pay monthly for clothes, food and other needs. Stick to it.
  2. Have twins share items like cribs, playpens, clothes and toys when possible.
  3. Take advantage of wholesale, close-out and thrift store prices. Buy formula, diapers and wipes in bulk, and tear wipes in two.
  4. Opt for breast-feeding instead of formula.
  5. Find out if you qualify for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) or Head Start programs.
  6. Ask for preschool and day care discounts and scholarships.
  7. Browse thrift stores for expensive items like double strollers and high chairs, or contact your local Mothers of Twins Club and visit its annual rummage sale.
  8. Let the word out that you love hand-me-downs. Keep them organized.
  9. Evaluate high-priced items by borrowing from friends before you buy.
  10. Keep a few special items that each child can call his or her own.


  • Buy different outfits instead of matching ones. This gives the twins’ wardrobe twice the variety.
  • Avoid buying two swings, two bouncy seats, and so forth. Buy one of each and switch the babies off.
  • Make your own baby food by mixing plain vegetables in a blender. Freeze leftovers in ice trays.

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