Take things into your own hands to ensure the successful sale of your property. Market, market, market! Here are some ideas for getting your property the attention it deserves.


  1. Make a list of all the special features of your property. These might be something your home has, such as a pool or many bedrooms; or something your home doesn’t have, such as a traffic-heavy neighborhood; or where your home is, such as close to transportation or an office or shopping complex.
  2. Target the people who will be drawn to these features. Word newspaper ads with phrases such as “Parents’ Paradise,” or “Pool Party Pleaser.” Target workers or shoppers with “Walk to work,” “Shop-a-holics Paradise,” “No Commute” or “Why Commute?” written on 3 x 5 cards and placed where workers or shoppers will see them. (Get approval from shop and business owners first!)
  3. Make flyers highlighting your property and pass them around the neighborhood. Neighbors often have friends that visit and like the area. Consider offering a finder’s fee. The enticement of money may make the difference.
  4. Talk to people at work. The more you publicize, the more likely you are to find a buyer.
  5. Upgrade. Give your home a fresh paint job. Clean out the cobwebs and dust. Replace old or worn carpets rather than just offering buyers a credit to replace them. (Make sure you choose a neutral color; nothing kills a sale faster than an off-color carpet.)
  6. Have an open house/garage sale. Garage sales are very popular: you might just find a buyer for your house – and for your old stuff as well.
  7. Offer seller financing. Many people would like to buy a home but don’t have a sufficient down payment or satisfactory credit to go through conventional routes to buying property.
  8. Offer to provide a home warranty. Knowing they won’t have to bother with any repairs for a year will give buyers peace of mind.


  • Make sure you have your property priced right. All the advertising in the world won’t sell an overpriced house.
  • The more exposure you get, the more quickly you’ll find a buyer.

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