Vacationing with friends or extended family can be
twice the fun. Share costs when possible, but leave room for some privacy as well.


  1. Get a consensus from vacation participants on the time, location, transportation and cost limitations of the vacation.
  2. Find a vacation rental home that can accommodate your group. Choose carefully. This is where you’ll save the most money. Make sure there are enough rooms for some privacy. Browse the Internet for vacation rentals by typing “vacation homes” or “vacation rentals” plus the location name into your Internet search engine, or contact a travel agent.
  3. Drive as few cars as possible, and share car rental and gas costs.
  4. Share the cost of recreational vehicle rentals and gear.
  5. Split the grocery bill or take turns buying and preparing meals.
  6. Share the cost of baby-sitters as needed.
  7. Take advantage of group discounts for amusement parks, zoos, concerts, sporting events and museums.
  8. Bring along your video camera and have a good time!


  • If your group is large, contact a travel agent to arrange a group tour or vacation.
  • If you’re planning a short getaway, consider renting a vacation home for a week and splitting the days with others. You’ll save considerably over the weekend or daily rental rate.
  • If the idea of sharing a vacation doesn’t appeal to you, consider buying a time-share or trading vacations with someone else – they stay in your home while you stay in theirs.


  • Remember, sharing your vacation means compromising on the choice of video rentals, movies, events, restaurants and so on.
  • Too much “togetherness” can be overbearing. Make sure each couple or family has at least one bedroom to themselves at the rental home.


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